Sunday, 3 October 2010

Just Released!

Fletching Guide

Hey guys, I decided to make a fletching guide, even though there is alot of them out there. I will be updating it.

Knife (obviously)
Hatchet (until 55 fletching)
ATLEAST 100k-200k (minimum)
Patience please?

12M+ in cash! - Think about the things you could spend this on!
A super sexy cape (trim it for more sexiness)
The right to run around calling people noobs.


Head to the GE in Varrock and there will be many trees you can cut down. Make arrow shafts until 10 fletching.
APPROX TIME: 10-15 minutes

Fletch regular longbows until you get 25 fletching.
APPROX TIME: 20-30 minutes

Either buy or cut oak logs and fletch oak longbows.
APPROX TIME: 45-60 minutes (about an hour)

Again, either buy or cut willow logs and fletch willow longbows.
APPROX TIME: 1-2 hours

Its now time to make money! Buy as many maple logs and fletch them. This will double your money! NOTE: After you fletched all your maple logs, sell the unfinished maple longbows for the highest price, trust me people will buy them!
APPROX TIME: 3-4 weeks

99 Fletching
Congratulations! You have gotten 99 fletching. You have earned an estimate of 12M+ and a sexy skillcape!


  1. wtf longs dont sell, its chAnged bro

  2. They do! mine sold instantly
    Oh yea!!! dont string them!!!