Sunday, 3 October 2010

How Choose Your Dungeoneering Weapon

Melee Weapons

Chaotic Maul
Personal commentary:
I have one of these. I've used it mostly for pking, with some occasional use at GWD.

Very accurate.
Hits high, so it's good for PKing.
Power is boosted the most by Turmoil.

You can get venged out easily. I've had several fights where I died because I hit a 500 something, as well as many double deaths (much more than AGS/VLS).

All the GWD bosses you can melee (It's as accurate as veracs at SGW, so this is where it especially shines) and PvP.

*Maul is especially good against people with high defense/barrows gear, as it's high crush attack allows you to hit through barrows much easier than any other weapon out there (besides veracs).

Chaotic Longsword

One handed, so you can use it with a defender or a spirit shield.

You can get venged out easily.
Lacks KO power of Maul and speed of Rapier.

All the GWD bosses you can melee (It's very good at bandos), Tormented Demons, Dagannoth Kings and PvP.

Chaotic Rapier

From my one fight with someone using a rapier, it hits low but very fast hits.

One handed, so you can use it with a defender or a spirit shield.
Very fast, so it's a good main weapon.

Less accurate than the other two weapons.

Pretty much everything.

Ranged Weapons

Chaotic Crossbow
Personal note: Only get this if you do lots of Armadyl Godwars (10+ hours/week). A melee weapon would have been a better choice in any other place where you use this.

Best ranged weapon in the game.

Low protect value, so you can't use it with barrows in PKing.
Only a +10 boost over the rune crossbow.

Magic Weapons

Chaotic Staff

Best magic weapon in the game.
Awesome if you like pjing people after fights with magic. Get an arcane stream necklace as well! You might get some whip pks.
Note: you can hit well over 500 with ice barrage if you have this staff.

Limited use. If you hybrid, a melee weapon would have been a better choice.

Why a Dungeoneering shield isn't worth it

Most people get chaotic weapons to pk with, so that's what this guide will assume.

Green dragons in a bh world make ~700k/hour. Assuming you kill targets 50% of the time and receive a drop worth 1m on average (I get drops ranging anywhere from 800k to 2m from most targets, not counting pvp equipment and ancient stats). Therefore, you make 1.4m/hour in BH +1 worlds, assuming you break even on normal pking. A DFS is 37m and an Arcane/Spectral spirit shield is about 70m. Each dungeoneering shield costs 200k tokens, and at 40k exp/hour, that takes 50 hours. If you spend 50 hours pking and killing green dragons, you will make 70m.

So, it's all up to you: Would you want to spend 50 hours in a dungeon arguing with idiots, or would you want to spend 50 hours feasting on noobs with your new chaotic weapon and getting a shield which you can resell at any time?

I think I'd pick the weapon. However, which of the five weapons to pick is entirely up to you. That's what this guide is for, to help you decide on what to spend 200 hours of work on.

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